Human Security Radar GO

Human Security RadarTM (HSR) is a fully automatic walk-through system that screens people in real time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.

Threat Detection Automated Threat Detection.
No Operator Needed.
**Automatic weapon detection is under development
High throughputReal-time walk-through free flow system. Allows the unimpeded flow of crowds between scanning pillars
Multi-target Inspects several persons at a time without the need for any queueing or divestment. Able to pick up and detect a number of threat objects per person
LuggageReveals explosive devices hidden on the body under clothing or in a backpack.
**Wheeled luggage scanning is under development
Integration readyReady to work with a third party video tracking and image processing systems. Networking device. Easy to integrate with an established security infrastructure
Exceptional accuracyExceptional detection accuracy and unmatched low false alarm rates. The level of false alarm rates allows the system to be used in mass transit scenarios

Security Officer Interface

After many years of fundamental research in radiophysics, electronics and software engineering, Apstec have built a technology that is able to identify people carrying concealed threats and which genuinely fills a massive capability gap.

Use cases

Up to 10000 ppl per hour throughput
2.5 meters wide inspection zone
6+ persons scanned simultaneously