Human Security Radar GO

Human Security Radar™ (HSR™) is a fully automatic, walk-through system that screens people in real-time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.

Threat Detection Automated Threat Detection.
No Operator Required.
**Automatic weapon detection -- coming soon.
High ThroughputReal-time walk-through free flow system. Allows the unimpeded flow of crowds between scanning pillars
Multi-TargetInspects several people at a time without the need for queueing or divestment. Capable of detecting multiple threat objects per person.
LuggageDetects hidden explosive devices on the body, under clothing or in a backpack.
**Wheeled luggage and handbag scanning -- coming soon.
Interoperable Ready to work with a third party video tracking and image processing systems. Easily integrates with an existing security infrastructures.
Exceptional accuracyExceptional detection accuracy and unmatched low false alarm rates. The level of false alarm rates allows the system to be used in mass transit scenarios.

Security Officer Interface

As the culmination of years of research in radiophysics, electronics and software engineering, combined with extensive real world input from numerous successful trials, Apstec have developed breakthrough technology that solves one of the most challenging dilemmas of our time, the need to provide high level security in public places with minimal disruption and inconvenience. Apstec’s HSR technology is combines multi-threat detection, high throughput and exceptional accuracy and genuinely fills a massive capability gap.

Use cases

Up to 10000 ppl per hour throughput
2.5 meters wide inspection zone
6+ persons scanned simultaneously

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